Can Facebook and Social Media Be Used Against Me in a Divorce?

When it comes to filing for divorce, the process can be difficult, especially when one individual is angry or spiteful. Divorces can get ugly and even when you are not expecting it, you’re soon to be ex may try to challenge your character or make you look bad. At Law Office of Rosanne Klovee, LLC, we have seen time and time again how individuals are attacked, with spouses doing everything they can to try and hurt the other individual. When it comes to social media sites such as Facebook, your posts may come back to haunt you.  Don’t give your spouse ammunition that can be used against you during divorce proceedings.

Mistakes Can Be Costly

With social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so prevalent, it is not uncommon for adults to share their daily lives regularly. When in a relationship that is volatile, anything you post will be scrutinized by your spouse as well as their attorney.

It is important to never bad mouth your spouse, no matter how much you may want to. Anything you say and do may be used against you during the divorce proceedings, especially if you have children. During a divorce, you will need to work on child support and a parenting plan. If you are fighting publicly with your spouse and saying things that are hateful or possibly harmful, it may affect how you are able to spend time with your children.

Think Before You Post!

Before you post anything controversial, think about how it would affect your children as well as how it may portray you as a parent. If your spouse is posting comments about you, it is important to keep track of these comments. The goal is not to start arguments with your spouse but be able to talk things out and find the right action to take when it comes to your shared children.

If you feel the need to vent due to frustrations based on how your spouse is acting on social media sites, do not do it online. Talk to a friend or professional so that you can air your grievances without making it worse for the divorce proceedings.

Essentially, you need to be aware of what your spouse is posting as well as watching what you say. The goal is to dissolve the marriage as amicably as possible and at least be able to communicate with each other regarding your children.  When arguments take place in public and continue to escalate, it can create more disharmony and issues as the marriage comes to an end.

Talk to Your Attorney About Social Media

It is always a good idea to speak with an experienced divorce attorney. Talk to our attorneys about your divorce proceedings and how social media can affect the process. Let our attorneys give you advice on how you can proceed if your spouse is acting out online or find the best way to avoid any issues via social media when you are dealing with a volatile divorce situation.

For more information on how social media can affect you in a divorce, contact our office today. We are happy to schedule a consultation to discuss and solve any issues involved in a pending divorce.

How To Start & File For Divorce in Massachusetts

Divorce Checklist—What are the First Steps to take when Starting a Divorce in Massachusetts

For most individuals, divorce is such an emotional and stressful time, that even thinking about how to begin the process can be overwhelming.
At the Law Office of Rosanne Klovee, LLC, we serve clients in Stoneham, Woburn, Burlington and Middlesex & Essex County in Massachusetts. We can help you determine when is the right time to formally begin the process as well as help relieve some of the anxiety that is expected and understandable during this difficult time. Below is information to help you know what to expect at the beginning of the process so that you can overcome your fears and put yourself in the right hands. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call Rosanne Klovee, an attorney who concentrates solely in family law matters with over 17 years of experience.

Filing Options

In Massachusetts, the filing process involves either a Complaint for Divorce or a Joint Petition for Divorce. A Complaint puts you in the court system immediately so you have a case number, are assigned a judge, and can go to court as needed. Attorney Klovee’s goal is always to try to reach an agreement on all issues but if this is not possible, or you need to obtain orders from the court, filing a Complaint allows the case to move through the court system in a timely manner. Filing a Complaint for Divorce does not mean that you will necessarily have to go through a contested trial. Even when both sides agree that a divorce is necessary and believe they will be able to resolve their case short of a trial, there are reasons why a client should file and be under the umbrella of the Court right away. Attorney Klovee spends the time necessary upon meeting with her clients to explain and understand whether filing a Complaint immediately is necessary. She also thoroughly explains the option of filing a Joint Petition for Divorce if that makes sense for the individual client.

A Joint Petition for Divorce means that spouses have resolved all issues in their divorce before ever stepping foot in a courtroom. There are some cases in which neither side wants or needs the court involved in their decision making process. Attorney client, whether as a mediator, or as an advocate for her clients, will work with you to resolve your case and prepare all of the paperwork needed for you to get divorced through a Joint Petition. Once all of the paperwork is complete, you will still need to go to court for an uncontested divorce hearing.

Grounds for Divorce

The most common grounds for divorce in Massachusetts is Irretrievable Breakdown of the Marriage, which is a no-fault ground for divorce. There are faults grounds such as cruel and abusive treatment or adultery. Attorney Klovee will explain the pros and cons of filing on fault grounds so you can make an informed decision on which grounds you wish to file on. If you file a Joint Petition for Divorce, the grounds will be Irretrievable Breakdown of the Marriage.


In addition to a Complaint for Divorce or a Joint Petition for Divorce, there are other forms that will need to be filed with the Court. You will also need a certified copy of your marriage certificate which you can obtain from the town hall in the city/town in which you were married. The paperwork will be filed in the division of the Probate & Family Court that is appropriate for your case. Our team will assist you with all filing requirements and you will make the decision as to when you wish to file after discussion and advice from our office.

Serving Papers

Once the paperwork has been filed, the clerk will provide a Summons. This official paper will formally notify your spouse that the Complaint has been filed and that an Answer to your case must be provided. There are options as to how to serve your spouse. In some cases, having a constable knock on the door and surprise your spouse is not the best way to start the process of divorce. In some cases it is necessary and Attorney Klovee will take the time needed so you can make an informed decision as to what is the best way to notify your spouse that you have made the difficult decision to initiate divorce proceedings. Attorney Klovee is always cognizant that to the extent possible, children should not be present when a spouse is served with a divorce summons.

Overall, the process of divorce can be confusing and hard to understand. When you are filing in Massachusetts, use the resources provided by the Law Office of Rosanne Klovee, LLC to ensure that your proceedings are handled correctly, and that the tone you wish to proceed under is established at the beginning of your case so you can work toward your goals and get through this difficult phase of your life.

Contact our office today and we will help you get started.

Attorney Rosanne Klovee Makes 2018 Massachusetts Super Lawyers List

Dear Rosanne P. Klovee,

Congratulations! You have been selected to the 2018 Massachusetts Super Lawyers list.

Rosanne P. Klovee, Esq. is honored to be selected to the 2018 Massachusetts Super Lawyers list, an honor reserved for those lawyers who exhibit excellence in practice. Only 5% of attorneys in Massachusetts receive this distinction.

Attorney Rosanne Klovee has over 15 years of experience and focuses her work on all aspects of family law including divorce, modifications, paternity, custody disputes, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Rosanne approaches her work with dedication, skill, and compassion.

Rosanne P. Klovee serves clients in Middlesex, Essex and Norfolk Counties in Massachusetts.

Super Lawyers Recognition

Each year, Super Lawyers recognizes the top lawyers in Massachusetts via a patented multiphase selection process involving peer nomination, independent research and peer evaluation. The Massachusetts lawyers who receive the highest point totals during this selection process are further recognized in Massachusetts Super Lawyers Top Lists.


Klovee Law Welcomes Judith Mckinnon

Judith McKinnon joined the Law Office of Rosanne Klovee, Of Counsel, in December 2017.  Prior thereto, she spent seventeen years at the boutique family law firm of Stone, Stone & Creem located in downtown Boston. Ms. McKinnon concentrates her practice in the area of domestic relations including divorce, custody agreements, modifications, contempt actions, appeals, child support, and paternity matters.

Ms. McKinnon received her Bachelor of Science degree from Boston College and her law degree from Suffolk University Law School. She was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in December 1999.  After law school, Ms. McKinnon worked as a law clerk in the Massachusetts Probate and Family court, where she had the opportunity to work closely with many of the State’s Probate Judges.

Ms. McKinnon is a Certified Financial Litigator and a member of the American Academy of Certified Financial Litigators.  Ms. McKinnon is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, the Boston Bar Association, the Women’s Bar Association, the Middlesex County Bar Association, Essex County Bar Association, and the Massachusetts Association of Guardians Ad Litem (“MAGAL”). She is also a member and present Board Member of the Massachusetts Family and Probate Inns of Court.  Ms. McKinnon is also a member of the Greater Boston Family Law Inn of Court.

Additionally, Ms. McKinnon has served as President (2013-2014), Vice President, and a former Board Member of the Massachusetts Association of Women Lawyers (“MAWL”). She was also a former member of the Joint Bar Committee on Judicial Appointments as the MAWL representative.

Ms. McKinnon is currently involved in various public interest initiatives including the Middlesex Bar Conciliation Program. She was named as a “Rising Star” in the Massachusetts Rising Stars “Super Lawyers” publication from 2007 through 2014.

New Family Law Website Stoneham MA

The Law Office of Rosanne Klovee is proud to announce the launch of their new Website.

The new family law website was designed with the client in mind and to help them with frequently asked questions pertaining to divorce, child custody, child support as well as many other legal questions people may have when facing divorce in Massachusetts. read more: